Online Learning Platform Tracking Children’s Development in Brixton, London

Every parent is eager to maintain a watch over their child’s progress and significant milestones and achievements as they continue their growth and development.

Have their progress available to you at a click of a button with Precious Memories Day Nursery. Our staff in Brixton, London utilise an innovative online learning platform, recording your child’s development and enhancing their learning experience based on your own uploads.

Our Learning Platform

Our team utilise the online platform Tapestry, and this is a secure, verified, innovative, and interactive learning journal. Tapestry is used by nurseries and preschools around the country and approved by Ofsted. 

Tapestry enables us to capture and record your child’s successes and achievements, as well as enjoying our day-to-day activities. It's ideal for tracking your child’s progress in the early years of learning and development. 

The platform creates a timeline of your child’s time at our nursery, uploading observations, images, and videos to each child's personal learning journal. This will be shared and accessible to you, with login details to your child's personal account provided following a settling in period.

You will be also encouraged to upload videos and photos of your children via Tapestry, providing our team with an insight into the child's preferences, interests, and daily experiences, as well as how the child's learning can be enhanced during their sessions.

Contact us for more information on the innovative online learning platform we utilise and provide for parents in Brixton, London.

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